Reiki Treatment

I was blessed to meet Connie Bunting of Reiki Center of Indiana while I was going through breast cancer chemo treatments.  Not only did chemo make me sick and change my eating habits, I had issues with constipation.  Not exactly stuff you want to announce.  I came to Connie and she not only would put me immediately at ease, but I would calm down by the sound of her voice and the ambiance of the room before we even got started.  She listened to my complaints that week and challenges as well as triumphs. After Reiki treatments; I felt tight muscles relaxed, even could feel my system start up and move!  In addition to working with me weekly, Connie came to the hospital the day of my double mastectomy to calm me and prepare me for surgery.  Reiki is a wonderful loving calming way to relax and refocus your energy to where it is most needed.  As such, I highly recommend Reiki Center of Indiana for assisting me in my journey and making it more manageable. 

~ Kim

I first began working with Connie when a friend recommended that Reiki treatments might help with infertility.  My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for several months and I was really reaching a point where I was feeling constant despair and anxiety.  Connie proved to be an invaluable support for me as I made my way through the sometimes harrowing and always stressful infertility journey.  Through her extremely relaxing and spiritual Reiki treatments I was able to find relaxation and hope amidst days and weeks of turmoil.  Connie is not only my Reiki practitioner, she is my sister and my friend.  I couldn’t have made it through this time without her.  I am truly grateful for her. “

 ~ Mary

I highly recommend a family Reiki session with Connie. My children had previously only received Reiki from me or my husband, and Connie was wonderful with them! She eagerly answered all of their questions with patience and kindness, and went out of her way to make sure everyone was comfortable during the treatments as well as while waiting their turns. On our way home, when asked if they would like to return, everyone’s answer was a resounding “yes”!   Everyone felt clear, peaceful, and more energized.   For me personally, my whirlwind of thoughts calmed down and I was able to see my direction with more confidence and clarity. The tummy troubles I had been having disappeared, and as of the date of this writing, have not returned.  Much love to Connie and the Reiki Center of Indiana!

~ Nikki