Reiki Shares

Phoenix Financial Services Reiki Share
Reiki Center of Indiana
9165 Otis Avenue, S215
 Indianapolis, IN 46216

We provide an exclusive Reiki Share for Phoenix Financial Services the first Tuesday and Wednesday of each month. See the schedule listed below.

There are two clients for each appointment that receive a 15 minute Reiki treatment from two or more Reiki practitioners. Many practitioners have stated they are more confident after participating in the Reiki Share. Practitioners also receive a brief Reiki treatment.

All practitioners are welcome! Come and practice Reiki with like-minded people. Share your gift to help others. If you are a Reiki practitioner and would like to provide Reiki treatments at this event please call or text Connie Bunting, 317-259-4599, or email to register.

  Location for the Reiki Share:                                                                Day and Time

Reiki Center of Indiana                                                                        Monthly every first Tuesday

9165 Otis Avenue, S215                                                                Practitioners:  1:00 – 3:35 p.m.

Indianapolis, IN  46216                                                                      Monthly every first Wednesday

Phone  317-259-4599                                                                        Practitioners:  5:45 – 8:35 p.m.