Reiki Practitioners

Topic:  Hand Positions for Various Ailments

I have practiced Reiki since 2000.  After several requests, I am offering this class to share my years of Reiki practice for hundreds of private clients, hospice patients, addiction or those experiencing mental, physical and spiritual challenges.  I will also include hand positions for my personal self-practice.

Basic techniques will be demonstrated for all Reiki treatments. Several positions will be demonstrated for this class and handouts will be provided with each position listed for symptoms listed below.  Ample time is available for the opportunity to give and receive treatments with other participants in this class.  You will be balanced and relaxed at the end of the class! To attend this class you must have attended a Reiki I Class.

Symptoms being experienced:

  • Addiction, stressed or feeling tense, anxiety, trauma, back pain
  • Lack of sleep, sinus congestion, constipation, decrease in energy
  • Imbalance, difficult to focus, discomfort following surgery or procedures

For self-treatment:

  • Stressed or feeling tense, back pain, unfocused

Techniques demonstrated:

  • Sweeping the energy field
  • Scanning
  • Balancing chakras for self and others
  • All hand placements for the symptoms listed above

Location:  9165 Otis Avenue, S215     Time:  9:30-12:30     Fee:  $50.00 

Date:  Check our calendar on the web site

Comments from students who completed this class:

  • My experience in class was healing on all levels, spiritually, physically, and emotionally.
  • Very balanced, relief of stress, emotional release and healing.
  • A wonderful class, lots of hands on, great instructor, well worth the time. Really enjoyed.