ONLINE/In Person Reiki II

ONLINE/In Person Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki II


It is important to wait at least one month between Reiki I and Reiki II to allow the benefits of your daily practice to provide the well-being and balance of body, mind, and spirit.  

You will receive a custom made manual that provides a practical step-by-step guide.  Your training will include:

  • Definition of Reiki II.
  • Learning and practicing with two new symbols.
  • Learning and practicing distant healing.
  • Reviewing the energy centers and the relationship to the corresponding area in the body.
  • Receiving affirmations for the energy centers.
  • Practicing Japanese Reiki Techniques.
  • Receiving one attunement.  A new form of Reiki, Holy Fire III, is included in the two meditations facilitated by the teacher.  

This class is a combination of lecture, discussion and experience.  Practice time includes giving and receiving a Reiki treatment, and the practice of distant healing.  Time:  9:00-6:00

The practice of Reiki on self continues to be essential during your Reiki training.  Daily self-treatment will increase the flow of Reiki, build confidence, and enhance student awareness.  Your comprehension of Reiki will increase.  This is important as you become empowered to help yourself and others.

To expand and continue your education of the Reiki practice, it is recommended that you read  one of the books from the list below:

REIKI, A Comprehensive Guide ,by Pamela Miles (read chapters 1 – 7 or more if you have time)
The Reiki Touch, by William Lee Rand
Reiki for Life, by Penelope Quest (read Part I – Part III or more if you have time)
Practical Reiki, by Mari Hall
The Reiki Healing Bible, by Richard Ellis
Tapestry of Healing, by Jeri Mills, M.D.
Reiki for Dummies, by Nina L. Paul, PhD
The Original Reiki Handbook of Dr. Mikao Usui, by Dr. Mikao Usui and Frank Arjava Petter
Reiki Fire, by Frank Arjava Petter 

The prerequisite is Reiki 1.          Cost:  $175.00

The non-refundable deposit (may be used within one year) of $75.00 must be paid prior to your manual being mailed to you. 
Balance to be paid one week prior to your class.