Reiki for Childern

Reiki for Children

 The Reiki for Children course is designed for children ages 8 – 14 so that they may have fun with Reiki while becoming empowered to help create wellness and balance for themselves and others.  Using yoga, meditation, art projects, and music, while providing the opportunity to experience Reiki with others, a nurturing and supportive environment is created in which children can learn a positive approach for each day.

Class Content Includes:


  • A discussion on the energy around all things
  • An explanation of the energy centers
  • The history of Reiki
  • The Reiki Precepts
  • An art project
  • A yoga exercise
  •  Instruction on meditation and the breath
  • Two guided meditations for attunement
  • Demonstration of hand placements for self and others
  •  Instructions on Reiki for plants, food, and animals

Reiki I Class fee:  $85.00
Length:  5 ½ hours
Location:  To be announced at time of class.
Bring a sack lunch.  Snacks and drinks will be provided.
Children need to wear comfortable clothing.

If you do not find a class scheduled on our calendar notify Connie Bunting by email to advise her of your interest.