My Gifts from Holy Fire Reiki

By Connie Bunting, RMT, Life Coach

The first time I read about the Usui/Holy Fire class from an email I received, I knew I had to learn more.  I am not usually a person to rush out and try something new, especially if I am happy with what I already know and trust.  I have practiced Reiki since 2000.  My self-treatment on a daily basis started in 2008.  I have not missed a day without practicing on myself since that time.  What a difference a daily practice of Reiki can make!  Let me just say my life has improved in so many ways with balance, peace, and love being prominent.

I was not looking for a new technique for self-care or to assist clients.  I was happy with my Reiki practice.  Still, I felt the desire to learn more.  The more I heard, the stronger my desire grew.  After a time of reflection and quiet I knew it was time for me to expand and learn more by attending the class.

I attended the Usui/Holy Fire Advanced Reiki Training (ART)/ Master class with William Rand in June 2014.  Approximately six weeks prior to the class I experienced intense pain in my hip and lower back.  After several Reiki treatments, a few massages, gentle exercising and stretching the pain diminished slightly but continued to be uncomfortable and painful.  While attending the class on the second day all practitioners received and gave a Reiki treatment using the Holy Fire symbol.  The comment from the two practitioners during the treatment was how intense the heat felt from my hip.  My pain decreased immensely shortly after my treatment.  I was pain free the next day and continue to have no pain.

That was just the beginning of the many blessings received as I continue to experience the purification, empowerment, healing, and guidance.

It was my desire to no longer be addicted to sugar.  My intent as I attended the class was to eat healthy.  I have been vegetarian for over ten years but have a weakness for sweets of most any type!  I have not bought a candy bar, cookies, or baked goods (other than sweet bread once in a while) since attending the class in June.  Never thought I would say this, but, it has been EASY!!!  Almost 12 weeks later I continue with ease to make healthy food choices.  This is a miracle!! 

Every day I invoke the Holy Fire symbol and every day, in so many ways, I feel the purification (healthier eating habits), empowerment (personal and business), guidance (subtle and gentle, always loving), and healing (physically, spiritually, and more).

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Teaching My First Usui/Holy Fire Class

I don’t like to admit this, but I was nervous.  I have taught the practice of Reiki since 2005.  This was a first for me to teach the Usui/Holy Fire ART/Master class.  I was inspired to share it with others due to my own healing experiences during William Rand’s class and I continue to receive many benefits with the use and practice of the Holy Fire symbol.

It was a beautiful, empowering experience for me and the six students attending the class in August 2014.  Lesson learned: Just get out of the way and the Holy Fire Reiki provides whatever is needed for the students and teacher!

Here are just a few of the results that the students experienced from the three day class that the students experienced:

  • Increased intuition and awareness.
  • A stronger spiritual connection.
  • Feelings of peace, love, and freedom.
  • One student had an earache for about four weeks prior to the class. On the second day of the class the ear ache was gone; four weeks later has still not returned. 
  • One student had chronic back pain for eight years. During class on the second day following practice of a healing exercise the pain disappeared.  Four weeks later the student continues to be pain free.

Comments from the students:

  1. Opening of my mind and spirit to a new level of understanding of Reiki. I experienced a noticeable increase in the heat in my body that will directly translate to healing for others.
  2. Class was informative, hands-on training and strength and power in the attunements. Empowering, knowledgeable.
  3. Wonderful experience. I feel more confident. Excellent class, well organized, did good job of explaining and giving us practical experience.
  4. Intense, inspirational, have to have.
  5. Relaxing, healing, learning experience.
  6. Enlightening, expanding. Great experience.

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