Introduction to Holy Fire

My Introduction to Holy Fire, II, and III

I was recently made aware of the Holy Fire III upgrade.  I had been a participant of William Rand’s class, Usui/Holy Fire ART/Master class in June, 2014.  The experience brought amazing changes for me and healing in so many ways during this three day class in Michigan.

I had heard of other Reiki classes, but had not felt a desire to learn more. Usui Reiki had always been all I needed.  I did take a Kundalini Reiki class, but did not continue the use of it with clients or myself.  When I read about Holy Fire, though, I felt it-felt it in my heart and soul.  Once I made the decision to take the Holy Fire class from William Rand, within a few days I noticed energy changes as well as the awareness of the importance of taking this big step.

I felt the same positive feelings, with a knowing of something more powerful, when I decided to participate in the Holy Fire II upgrade in April, 2016.  I experienced improvements in my abilities as a practitioner, and realized a new empowerment to accomplish my purpose was realized. Clients also noticed an increase in the energy with an intensity that opened new doors for them. Awareness, peace, and love were felt at a new level.  Students continue to experience enlightening, healing, life-changing meditations which now comprise a very important aspect of the Holy Fire II and Holy Fire III classes for Reiki I, Reiki II and especially for the master class.  I don’t say life-changing lightly; I do mean life-changing.

Before I made the decision to take the Holy Fire class, my concern was that I would be dishonoring Mikao Usui.  Then I read something that referred to Mikao as a man who knew there was more to Reiki than he personally knew or would ever know..  He realized there were many depths to Reiki, and that there is never an end to it; we just continue to reach another level, and then another.  My guess is we will never know all about Reiki because it is more than we can imagine possible. I believe Mikao Usui knew that and would want each person to learn all they can about Reiki and how it can help us.

Holy Fire Reiki may not be the answer for everyone. Do the investigation for yourself.  Follow your inner guidance.

What I know for sure is that Holy Fire Reiki was the path for me. Having first experienced the training for myself, (see My Gifts from Holy Fire Reiki) then witnessing so many others whom I have taught (read their comments located in Testimonials) I can say without any doubt that the results experienced were deep healing and exactly what each student needed at that time.

Recently I had the opportunity, for $35, to participate in the Holy Fire III upgrade. The prerequisite is  that one has first completed a Holy Fire master class. There is a video on William Rand’s web site.  To read the Introduction to Holy Fire III Reiki on William’s website ( click below:

I have completed the upgrade and will now be teaching Usui/Holy Fire III for Reiki I, Reiki II, and the Advanced Reiki Training (ART)/Master Class.

The upgrade will process differently for everyone and has many different facets to it. Reading the introduction will help you to understand the ultimate goal is connecting to our authentic self. That is the key to our happiness, folks! That is the answer for all that we desire!!  You have to do the work, but this process makes it so much easier.  We have the opportunity to connect to that inner wisdom we all have. I have noticed positive shifts in my energy since the last upgrade, and a deeply meaningful awareness of unhealthy issues that continue to affect my decisions.  I am so grateful for the awareness, and have experienced positive changes which have certainly improved my life with others close to me.

That is why I am passionate about the Holy Fire III.  You don’t HAVE to figure it out or experience that trauma in your life that triggers fear or so many other emotional blocks in our life. Holy Fire heals it for you–and then you can move forward in your life and enjoy ALL that there is to experience. Yes, we still have things to learn. Yes, we still have our ups and downs to work through. But this is big.  This is really BIG. It removes those things we hide from–sometimes, throughout all of our life.

Another amazing benefit in learning about and experiencing the Holy Fire III is that teaching is so much easier! It is not dependent on the teacher in this physical world – the student connects directly to the higher source (Holy Fire). Whether the teacher had a bad night or does not feel well, does not matter. The attunement (now termed Placement) process is through meditation, connecting directly to the higher source. It takes that physical component out of the process. Our higher source is always there for us, rain or shine, good or bad days, and nothing will affect the powerful energy of our highest source.  

So, you may ask, where do I start?  If you have taken a Holy Fire master class (or Holy Fire II) then sign up for the upgrade, pay $35, and you’re ready to view the webinar. (There are more details – check it out on William’s web site.) If you have taken Reiki I from me or anyone, take Reiki II, or Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki II class, then 6 months later take the Usui/Holy Fire III ART/Master Class. All lineages of Reiki I and Reiki II (after six months) may take the Usui/Holy Fire III ART/Master Class.

Can you tell I am so excited about Holy Fire III?! To listen to a podcast with William Rand being interviewed about Holy Fire III click below:

Reiki blessings,