Be the Best YOU!

Be the Best YOU!

       On-Line Course          


Are you ready to move forward in your life and emerge from your cocoon?  Are you tired of the chaos? Or do you feel stuck, with no forward movement?

If you are ready to expand and discover the authentic you, register for this on-line class now!  To improve your life, you can only change yourself, no one else. We have to do the inner work to discover who we really are. The topics covered in this class will assist you to make the changes needed.

First month:            1. Clear the Clutter  and  2. Forgive and Forget?

Second month:       3. Excuses Be Gone!  and  4. Feeling the Gratitude!

Third month:          5. Self-Love  and  6. Resistance

Fourth month:        7. Mind, Body and Spirit Purification  and  8. Your Self-Talk

Fifth month:            9. Just Say No!  and  10. Know Yourself

Sixth month:           11. Choices  and  12. Moving Forward!!

Class details:

  • Cost for this on-line course is $54.00 for six months. You must register to participate. Information for each class will be sent by email.
  • This course will include lessons for the designated two topics on the second Saturday of the month. You will receive inspirational email messages and/or journal/creative prompts each week pertaining to the specific topics for the month to encourage your self-discovery. Sharing your progress is always appreciated.  
  • A reward point system for completion of assignments each month (monitored by you) is offered to encourage steady progress.
  • A follow-up coaching session after completion of the course is offered at the special price of $40.00.
  • Register by clicking on What We Offer, Other Classes, then Registration for Other Classes. Payment with PayPal may be made on our web site:  To pay with check or charge prior to the first class call Connie Bunting at 317-259-4599 or email
  • The location is in the comfort of your home or wherever you are!
  • Check our calendar for our next on-line class.

Items you will need for your inner journey:

  • A journal to write in for the journal prompts, and to note those important moments when clarity or wisdom is received. You may want to include the creative prompts in your journal as well.
  • A pen that you prefer to write with. I enjoy writing with a pen that flows easily on the paper.
  • For the simple creative prompts you will need paints, crayons, or markers. It is always your choice to use what works best for you.
  • To keep your lessons organized, you may want to use a three ring notebook. It will make it easy to review when you have the need.