About Binh Luong

Usui/Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki Master Teacher  Representative for Reiki Center of Indiana

Love Brings Me to Reiki, and Reiki Shows Me What Love Is

Since I was a child, I have always wanted to know myself more deeply. During my secondary school years, I started Martial Arts and QiGong. As soon as I graduated from school and got my job as a lecturer at a university in Vietnam, I began further exploring the art of life through different teachings.

The year 2010 was a pivotal moment in my journey within, as I began my Graduate study in Transportation Planning at Purdue University. My initial plan was to obtain a Master’s degree, and then see what would be next. In 2011, I achieved my Master of Science in Civil Engineering. When I was asked to answer the exit questionnaire, I stopped for quite some time at the final question: “Would you get your MS degree and exit, or would you stay for an MS/PhD degree?” My feeling was that there was something I haven’t learned yet, not in academia, but something different. So I chose to stay. But I had never imagined that in a few years I would be a Reiki Master Teacher instead of having a Ph.D. degree.

In 2014 I completed and received certificates for Reiki 1, Reiki II, and Reiki Master from Connie Bunting, Reiki Master Teacher. When I connected with Reiki I found something really powerful and meaningful to my path of learning and searching that I had been looking for at home. Reiki helps me not only to find peace in each moment of life, but also helps me to clarify my perspective, as well as raising my consciousness, thereby opening me to many other beautiful aspects of life.

Early 2015, I left the US with a Ph.D. candidate title, but for many reasons, I never returned to finish it. In 2018 I was taught the Holy Fire III Reiki Master Class by Connie Bunting. My journey with Reiki became deeper and deeper.

My passion for teaching Reiki comes from my wish to share with people how Reiki helps me overcome many difficult situations in life, and how I become more peaceful, loving, and increase my well-being through my daily practice.

It is a blessing to me to witness the students and clients change themselves through Reiki!

It is a blessing to me that Love brings me to Reiki and Reiki shows me what Love is!

“It has been my great pleasure as a Reiki Master Teacher to know and teach Binh about the Reiki practice. From the first time I met him in 2014 to now, 2020, I continue to be impressed with Binh’s integrity and sincere heart. I witnessed his growth as a Reiki practitioner, a Reiki teacher, and observed his deep desire to help others.

I stayed in Binh’s home for approximately two weeks when I visited Vietnam in 2018. He was a kind and loving host who always took care of my needs first.

It has been a joy for me to observe Binh’s passion for Reiki. Anyone who is a student of Binh’s will learn the depth of Reiki – and the love will just keep on giving!”

Connie Bunting
Reiki Master Teacher
President, Reiki Center of Indiana