Reiki Retreat 2013

  • Very beneficial – will bring a friend next time.
  • A very informative and healing experience.
  • Extremely inspiring, proud to be a part of it.
  • Awesome!!
  • Lots of fun.
  • Wonderful and relaxing.
  • Relaxing, a place to build friends and support
  • Enlightening, transformative, educational, great social.
  • Wonderful way to spend weekend.
  • This experience was relaxing, loving, enlightening, refreshing, wonderful, awesome.
    Enlightening, inspiring, connected, open.
  • Wonderful weekend, relaxing, inspiring and learned a lot about Reiki and myself.
  • I absolutely LOVED my time here at the retreat. I was amazed at all of the understandings which opened up to me.
  • Very relaxing, got to meet new people. Made new friends.
  • It has been an awakening at just the right time – kinship with others whom you share a space now and forever. Educational.

Reiki Retreat 2014

  • Very relaxing and inspiring. Definitely would recommend as a way to grow in your Reiki practice.
  • Relaxing, inspiring, loving, revealing. Fun to meet others with similar interests. Learned something, shared something, had fun!
  • Energetic, relaxing, emotional, quiet, worth every moment.
  • It is enlightening, energetic, and wonderful to be with kindred spirits! Hope to continue to get to know friends.
  • A peaceful, meditative time with good people.
  • So peaceful and relaxing – I get some new cool info to use – I was able to take part – with honor – as witnessing breakthroughs & personal healing.
  • A rejuvenation of my Reiki practice.
  • Relaxing, renewing, full of laughter & learning.
  • Wonderful, try it, you will be happy with your weekend.
  • Refreshing, cleansing, enlightening, opening, knowledge/experience sharing, stories.
  • Enlightening, accepting, healing, peaceful & informative.
  • Thank you for the experience & help. I truly had a fun time.


Reiki Retreat 2015

  • Was my first visit, I totally loved the experience. Everyone was wonderful, and the information presented was excellent. Keep up the great work!!
  • Wonderful – highly recommend!! Thank you!!
  • It was everything I hoped and more.
  • Amazing, relaxation and deep spiritual growth. Self-exploration.
  • Very uplifting and helpful.
  • Growth, learned a lot, cleansing, peaceful, loving, supportive.
  • This was a very moving retreat that had life-changing effects in many ways. All instructors were knowledgeable, and inviting to engage student participants.
  • A release. It was a warm, welcoming, and open-armed group. Full of love and the desire to learn, practice, and grow.
  • Presentations were enlightening, the hands-on was excellent, food was delish, and accommodations warm and welcoming.
  • Beautiful experience and look forward to the next one!!
  • Warm, wonderful, restorative experience.

Reiki Retreat 2016

  • Wonderful – thank you!! Will come next year!
  • Relaxing, informational, fun.
  • The best recharging and healing weekend for me personally where I am understood and supported.
  • Very enjoyable – a great escape and experience to learn more and spend time with “like-minded” people.
  • It was a wonderful time. I felt like I was with kindred spirits!
  • Great opportunity for healing and to become more educated in ways for personal growth.
  • A perfect way to meet like-minded people. It let’s you know you aren’t alone and there is so much more to learn.  These are the people who know it.