Be the Best You!

 This class helped me to come to grips with my past and move beyond to know that there is truly light.

  • Most positive experience in class: Being able to forgive myself and others. Being able to make more positive choices.
  • A place to stop and think about what will help in going forward.
  • Most positive experience in class: Listening to each person at the end of the class – tell how much they have changed about things they were working on in the beginning of class six months ago! Teacher is fair, kind, generous, giving, thoughtful, and knowledgeable.
  • Safe exploration of self and how to be appreciative of self to move forward in a more healthy way. Highly Recommend!
  • Most positive experience in class: Too many to list! Friendships made with class mates. Not only safe to explore inside but encouraged by all to grow and continue.
  • You will learn how to work through issues/problems, as well as gain confidence and a better understanding. Even though I know this information I need reinforcements.

Be the Best YOU! Online Class

This course helped me make peace with the past and let go of pain that I didn’t realize I still held in my heart. I feel like I am more able to verbalize my thoughts and feelings without being ashamed or worrying about how my words will be received. I still have a filter, it’s just not near as strong and ever-present as it once was! I’m more aware of the fact that I am not responsible for the reactions of others. I have enjoyed this journey tremendously.  ~ Nikk