Usui/Holy Fire Reiki I

(Self Healing)

You will receive a custom made manual that provides a step-by-step guide with a DVD that provides a demonstration of the hand placements for the student:

This class is a combination of lecture, discussion and experience.  Practice time includes giving and receiving a complete Reiki session using all the hand positions.  You will also practice self-treatment.

While practice takes place during the class it is expected that you practice Reiki for family or friends, in addition to daily practice of Reiki on self.  The self-treatment may be in the evening when you have gone to bed, or the morning when you awaken.  Or it may be both evening and morning!  The time is only ten or fifteen minutes (or longer if you prefer) for each application.  Self-treatment is the key to your improved wellness and balance.  To receive the ultimate benefit from your self-treatments it is important to practice Reiki daily.  As you heal and empower yourself, enhancing wellness in your life, you will have the opportunity to create positive changes for your family and friends.

You are also required to read one of the following books: 
REIKI, A Comprehensive Guide, by Pamela Miles (read chapters 1 – 7 or more if you have time)
The Reiki Touch, by William Lee Rand
Reiki for Life, by Penelope Quest (read Part I – Part III or more if you have time)
Practical Reiki, by Mari Hall
The Reiki Healing Bible, by Richard Ellis
Tapestry of Healing, by Jeri Mills, M.D. 

There are no prerequisites for this class.

Cost:  $150.00

If you do not find a class scheduled on our calendar notify Connie Bunting by email to advise her of your interest.


I have told many this was an outstanding experience.  Your organized approach and conversational style of teaching was a good fit for my learning style.  Your knowledge of the subject is obvious and allowing for a practice session with you as a guide in my ear was very beneficial.  It helped build confidence.  Words cannot aptly describe how I felt after each attunement, I was amazed and humbled.  As a whole the day was liberating.  I particularly liked the group dynamics that developed through the day.  The integration of the practical information combined with the experience of the attunements and practice session was very beneficial and positive.  I am grateful for the opportunity to have you as an instructor.  Your teaching IS a Reiki treatment.  This was a healing experience for me.  ~ Mary


Very informative and relaxing environment. I had never experienced a Reiki session prior to the class. Such a powerful and relaxing experience. Thank you so much for the encouraging environment and tender teaching! I am interested now in pursuing Reiki further!

Class was very good! I did not expect to get that much practice.

Everyone should do this! How EASY to be and stay healthy. An amazing day – far exceeding my imagination! Thank you Connie.

I think this should be a part of everyone’s healthcare. Most positive experience: Knowing that this will be beneficial to patients. A wonderful experience, I feel prepared to start practicing.

I really enjoyed my experience with you in class. I just love your energy and calming nature.

A new tool to promote relaxation and positive energy.

It was excellent! Thank you Connie for teaching us.

Experience Reiki and experience a class. How could someone not like Reiki??!! Excellent training – Connie Bunting is awesome! Thank you so very, very much!

Unique and enriching. Learning the importance of self-care (most positive experience). This was a very rare opportunity to learn a valuable way of life.

Description of experience in class: relaxation, warmth, peaceful. Self-care.

Really a great experience, wish I had taken it long ago. Very beneficial for anyone.

Calming, informative – great day.  ~ Julie

  Educational, informative, relaxed learning environment.

  Perfect for where I am on my path, great for anyone/everyone.  Self-love, self-healing.

Wonderful experience, enlightening.

It was a gentle experience in a non-threatening atmosphere.

Wonderful affirming experience.  ~ Suzi

Teacher very gentle in her approach to something new.  You also have to be open.  

Wonderful, enlightening, fun and helpful. Students in my class were great also. Thank you so much. I appreciate the class.  Wonderful day and I truly enjoyed the class.
~ Claudia

Since being blessed to have Reiki introduced in my life, I have had a major shift in my treatment plan for fibromyalgia. I had been on countless medications including, Ambien, Lyrica, muscle relaxers, vicodin, tramadol, and phentermine.  These various medications caused other symptoms in me which were treated with more medicine.

I refused to believe that this was what was necessary for me to feel better. Fortunately, someone I trusted recommended for me to learn Reiki. I immediately looked Reiki up on the internet and located the Reiki Center of Indiana and signed up for a class.

After my first class I immediately felt at peace with myself...which at that time I did not realize it was the first step in my healing. After a few days of daily treatments, I noticed an improvement. After a couple of weeks, I started feeling different when taking the pain medication. It was not long that I realized it was because I really did not need it. I seemed to get a buzzed feeling from it. This was because I had not really needed it, and I only felt normal when I took it while in pain.

After a couple of months went by, I felt comfortable enough to let go of all pain medication and sleep aids. I expected myself to experience severe detoxification symptoms for at least a couple of weeks, but to my dismay it was very tolerable and it only lasted 3 days!

 They say that fibromyalgia is stress induced, and Reiki relieves that stress and allows your body to be relaxed enough to start to heal. Fibromyalgia comes in a package of dozens of symptoms. I feel that Reiki once a day and reaping all the many benefits that come with it worked much better for me than seven pills four times a day and feeling drugged down and drugged out.  Reiki will be a part of my life forever! "
Ginny Groves  

Very informative and relaxed. I thought the class was great. I learned a lot and am very glad I took Reiki I a second time from you.

I felt very save in exploring this new way to find peace and balance. Confidence-building and eye opening in a loving, accepting environment.

Really great and would recommend.

It was a lovely healing empowering experience. I look forward to practicing on myself and loved ones! Thanks for the affirmations!

The class was enjoyable, well organized, and logically structured. Good balance of theory and practice.


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