Meditation 1 Class  

Meditation 1 Class

In this two hour workshop you will experience five methods of meditation and discover the technique that works best for you.

Your facilitator is Connie Bunting, who has taught meditation since 2000. 

Fee: $35.00             

If you do not find a class scheduled on our calendar notify Connie Bunting by email to advise her of your interest.

During a period of eight months, a weekly meditation class facilitated by Connie Bunting produced a 63% reduction in the stress level of participants. 

Connie Bunting brings a calm serenity to all of her presentations.
Her class on meditation suggests thoughtful ways to calm the mind and find the quiet, inner space. It was very helpful and I am glad I attended.


If you have any questions on the above information please contact Connie Bunting by email or call 317-259-4599.

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