Fairbanks Addiction Treatment Center

Fairbanks Addiction Treatment Center
8102 Clearvista Parkway
Indianapolis, IN

From 2008-2016 we provided a monthly Reiki Clinic at Fairbanks Addiction Treatment Center for adults and adolescents.  The following comments are from the adults in recovery:


The following comments are from the adolescents in recovery:


Reiki Pilot Program

In 2007 we provided a Reiki Pilot Program for Fairbanks Addiction Treatment Center.  Reiki treatments were approximately 45 – 60 minutes for adult in-patients and those in recovery.  We provided 64 sessions from 9/17/07 through 10/12/07.  A Likert scale was used pre- and post-sessions to determine levels of stress and pain.  Click on Research for the statistics.  Comments from the clients are below: