Reiki Clinics

Reiki Clinics

Reiki Center of Indiana LLC offers relaxation, empowerment, and balance for mind, body and spirit for those in need through the experience of Reiki treatments.  We offer this valuable service to businesses, medical facilities, and shelters.
To receive a Reiki treatment a client will be laying on a massage table, fully clothed, and may choose to have hands of the practitioner lightly on the body (no personal areas are touched) or the hands may be held over the body with no touching. 

A Reiki Clinic offers approximately 15 minute Reiki treatments for each recipient.  Each treatment is given by two or more practitioners that have received clinical training through the Reiki Center of Indiana. 

All terms are negotiable for each facility.  Option 1:  we offer a monthly Reiki Clinic for a facility, with the first month free.  Option 2:  we offer a Reiki Clinic weekly, with the first Reiki Clinic free.   

We offered monthly Reiki Clinics for Fairbanks Addiction Treatment Center in Indianapolis, Indiana from 2008-2016.  A few of the comments from the adult recipients at Fairbanks:

If you are interested in offering a Reiki Clinic please contact Connie Bunting by  email or call 317-259-4599.

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