Clinical Training

We offer a unique opportunity for the Reiki student to grow and learn as an intern while providing Reiki treatments for clients in medical facilities or the private home of the client.  If you have completed Reiki II or Reiki III, you are eligible to earn volunteer hours at various facilities where we offer Reiki Clinics or private appointments.  Here are the details for our training, which include all lineages of Reiki:


It is our goal to offer practitioners completing the classes and clinical training an opportunity to receive payment for providing Reiki treatments in medical facilities or private homes where the center is in partnership to provide Reiki for their patients or clients.  Payment for the practitioner may be offered after completing the Reiki II class and the required clinical training of 25 hours.  This is only if funding is provided and the money is available.

Reiki Clinics
Reiki Clinics are usually three hours from 6:00-9:00 p.m., and the Reiki treatments are 15 minutes with two or more practitioners for each client.  This includes time for all practitioners to receive Reiki from other practitioners prior to working on clients.  You have the opportunity to bring your business cards to display and create a client base for your Reiki practice. 

Individual Reiki Treatments
As clinical training progresses you may have the opportunity to assist a practitioner providing Reiki treatments for hospice patients and families in their home or a medical facility.

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