Clarian/Methodist Hospital

Clarian/Methodist Hospital
I-65 at 21st Street
Indianapolis, IN

Working in collaboration with Clarian/Methodist Hospital, a Reiki clinical study was completed in 2009 for 22 at-risk expectant mothers.  Patients meeting specific criteria for the study received one 45-60 minute Reiki treatment from a Reiki practitioner associated with Reiki Center of Indiana.  A few comments from the patients:

  • The baby got extremely active during the Reiki treatment.
  • Very relaxing.  Well rested.
  • I feel like flying to other places.  It was very peaceful, and in my mind was happening beautiful images.
  • I think that it would very much help pregnant mothers who are worried and concerned or even much nervous and it would give them more courage and confidence throughout their pregnancy.  Thank you!
  • It was very nice and I just relaxed and it took my mind off being in the hospital.


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