About Connie

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I have been a teacher of both Reiki practice and meditation for 11 years.  I know that I will also continue to be a student of meditation and Reiki practice as I will always strive to accomplish new depths of peace and balance in my life.

My passion for sharing Reiki and meditation with others began in 2000 when I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  It turned my life upside down.  When I searched for a method that would bring more peace into my life the opportunity to register for a Reiki class was offered to me.  I have continued to practice Reiki on self and others and I have never looked back.  Subtle changes occurred in my life (peace, clarity, wellness, balance and more) and it has been a result from daily Reiki treatments for self.  This was a big change from the chaos I allowed in my life prior to my Reiki lifestyle.

I co-founded Reiki Center of Indiana (2000) and I have been instrumental in developing strategic planning for all services and events offered by the center.

I have closed the gap (at least a little) between conventional medicine and the practice of Reiki with the following accomplishments:

·         Since 2008 the center has offered a Reiki Clinic and volunteered brief Reiki treatments once a month at Fairbanks Hospital for recovery clients and staff.  Results from the pre and post evaluation continue to indicate a more relaxed client following the treatment.


·         A Reiki Study in 2011 in collaboration with Fairbanks and Reiki Center of Indiana provided positive results with a decrease in anxiety, tension, fears, and depression for recovery clients measuring this by using the Hamilton Anxiety Rating Scale   Results demonstrate significant decreases in anxiety, tension, fears, depression, and somatic symptoms for patients following the 30-minute Reiki treatment. 


·         Expectant mothers hospitalized for pregnancy complications received one 45-60 minute Reiki treatment from Reiki practitioners in association with the Reiki Center of Indiana in 2009.  Patients were surveyed pre and post treatment using a valid and reliable test for anxiety level (STAI).  The Reiki treatment was shown to significantly reduce anxiety levels in these women.


·         Reiki Center of Indiana offered Reiki treatments to hospice patients and families from 2011-2013.  Consistent comments from the families and patients after receiving a Reiki treatment were:


Ø  More relaxed.

Ø  Increase in restful sleep.

Ø  Decrease in anxiety.

I recorded Meditations for Relaxation, a CD that may assist most people an opportunity to relax and become more peaceful.

I truly enjoy the opportunity to assist clients to empower themselves, whether it is with Reiki training, giving a Reiki treatment, meditation or coaching.